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About the Key Chain Urn Company

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The Key Chain Urn Company designs and manufactures a wide variety of keepsake pet urns and people urns for keeping our treasured memories close at heart. These unique key chain urns are the result of a personal experience of the company’s founder.

Picture of Payson


“It started with the thought of my dog Payson and how to put together his life’s memories. He was born 12.7.1992 at Jumping Jack Kennels in Torrance, California. It was a match made in heaven between a man and his dog. Payson has been my loving companion for the last eighteen years. I needed a way to keep his memories alive with me, that’s where the idea for Key Chain Urns came from. I know Payson knew I was not ready to let him go, God gave me an extra four months with him. ( my mom got to see payson one last time ) On 12.14.2010 I knew it was time to let Payson be at peace, It was time for me to let go and I was ok with that. Thank you for that extra time with my boy Payson.”

Created as a means to way to carry your pets memories close to you, these stylish, thoughtful urns are more than cremation jewelry – they are a memorial for honoring the beloved pet who asks us for nothing and gives us everything. Each key chain pet urn and people urn comes with a choice of a clear or colorful capsule inserts so you create a keepsake that is unique and intimate to you. Place a small amount of ashes, hair or any other memento and know they’ll always remain with you. The Key Chain Urn Company sells our keepsake jewelry through retailers throughout the United States and Canada. If you are interested in purchasing a portable urn to preserve your memories, browse our list of retailers for a location near you. If you are interested in selling our products, please contact us for more information on becoming a retailer for the Key Chain Urn Company.